Beer Tasting


Our club likes to try things that maybe others haven’t done before.  Everywhere you turn you see wine tasting evenings however have you ever seen a beer tasting?  Well, we hadn’t, so we thought we would give it a go. Edward Borner was our beer connoisseur and was tasked with being our expert adviser for the evening.  Peter Borner was in charge of the acquiring of the all important beer. The rest of us were in charge of getting bums on seats.

As we are not bound by an area we are constantly looking for new venues to hold new events at.  Upon looking around, we found Moulton Community Centre, which is a fantastic venue with lots of different rooms for hire with ample parking, so we booked our Beer Tasting.  We employed the service of the local Scout group, 38th Moulton Scout Group, to deliver leaflets to most of the residents of Moulton. Using social media and word of mouth tickets began to sell.

The night was fantastic and this was down to all of the hard work that happened beforehand.  Everyone had worked hard to ensure that we provided an informative and fun evening for everyone that attended.

We tasted a selection of beers from Brew Dog, which ranged from weak to very strong beers, alongside each beer Ed provided a great amount of detail as to how each one was made and all sorts of other information such as what food is best to eat with each one.  We provided a ploughman’s tea to munch on while enjoying the evening.  

The night went without a hitch and we are looking forward to hosting our next one.  If you feel that you would like to host a beer tasting or would like to attend one then please contact us as we are willing and ready to host another one.