Cold Harbour Forest School Improvements

Cold Harbour C of E Primary School, Bletchley have set up a lovely Forest School that provides a fantastic learning opportunity, for all aged children, outside of the classroom.  This autumn, when the leaves began to fall they realised that there lovely learning environment was not as secure as they would like it to be. The external fence was extremely exposed when all of the leaves had fallen.  We were approached, Mel and Traci the Forest School teachers, to see if we could help in anyway. Obviously we jumped at the chance to help.

We had a Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings in Milton Keynes to raise funds to help with the work that was needed.  After this, we applied for a district grant which we secured so twice the amount of funds to help us.


On June 30th we invited the school community to help us improve the Forest School.  It was a fantastic day with lots of helpers. Many of our club were very hands on and had a fantastic day working alongside the adults and children of the school.  

At this point of time, the project is not quite finished as we are waiting for another company to complete some work before we have an open day.  At present we have completely covered the external fencing meaning that the area is not visible to the public both during and out of school time. We revamped the balancing area, we covered the new pagoda with felt to ensure that it could be used for shelter from the rain and shade from the sun.  Another area of the school grounds had previously been used as a garden which needed a new keeper so the Forest School decided to add it to their provision; this was tidied up and prepared ready for the next school year. A parent was very handy with the power tool so built a wood shed to keep their campfires stocked.

A few more things will be completed before the grand revealing to the community at the beginning of October.