RotaKids Win President’s Award

On Friday 14 July Peter and I went to Cold Harbour C of E Primary  School to present the President’s award to the RotaKids Club on behalf of our immediate past President, Colin.  Actually Peter did the presentation and I recorded the event in pictures.

The children were totally unaware that they were to get this award which I think made it all the more special for them.

Angela introduced us and Peter was then invited to say a few words and present the shield.  Peter started off by explaining about the Paul Harris Fellow award and told the children why “Mrs Woods” received such an award.

Peter then thanked the RotaKids children for all their hard work and said they should be proud to have achieved so much in their first year including raising over £1,000 for the Mexican School Project and for their own school such as the library move.

Finally, Peter told those who were leaving Cold Harbour and going onto secondary school about Interact.  He said we would be pleased to help them set up an Interact Club in their new school and work with them on projects to help others if they wanted to continue that Rotary journey.

Peter then presented the outgoing President, Rola, with the shield.  This was then followed by the handover of the RotaKids presidency from Rola to Aji, who happens to be her brother.  The new president elect, Ester, was also introduced to the school.  This was followed by a round of applause.  

For me this was very special and it was a treat to see the delight on the children’s faces.  The teachers and head teacher were impressed too.  It was a great start to the day.  Next year we will once again be sponsoring this club and potentially others.