Service in the Community

Since January 2015, our club president, Steve Howe, has been working tirelessly, along with the support of 6 experienced Rotarians, to get the Rotary E-Club of District 1070 up and running. We chartered on 15th July 2015, taking just over 6 months to get set up. Achieving such a lot in this short time frame truly demonstrates how engaged and committed we are as a club. And now? We are raring to go! 

As a group, we are dedicated to the idea of Service Above Self. Our starting point was to share fundraising ideas as a club and select some exciting projects to get our teeth into during the next few months; however, in addition to this vital fundraising, we are keen to explore how we can take action and serve members of our local community in need. These projects do not require money; they require time, patience and skill. But where do we start? 

Within our club, one common area of expertise lies within the field of education and youth work. Many of us are teaching professionals, education experts, Scouting leaders, parents or grandparents and all of us have something unique to share with young people in our community. Whilst discussing how we could utilise our key skills, two of our members, Kate Bartaby and Angela Woods, highlighted the need for volunteers to help Scouts achieve their activity badges. These badges allow Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also encourage them to try new things and form new interests. We have had some fun trawling through the different activity badges and their requirements, finding areas that we could provide support with; photography, snow sports, arts and crafts, cycling, cookery, DIY, fundraising, circus skills… the list goes on! I quite fancy becoming a Scout myself! We are not only keen to offer support with these activities, we are looking forward to building relationships with young people in our local area and demonstrating what being a Rotarian is all about. We hope that this will inspire young people to join our way of thinking and secure the future of Rotary. 

In addition to the work with local Scout groups, we have made contact with a variety of local charities and organisations, asking if there is anything that we can support them with. We are keen to volunteer our time to help those in need and we would like to ask anyone who may need support to contact us; perhaps with one off events, fund raising projects or volunteering our time to help with anything within our capabilities. As a club we have many different things to offer; from keen gardeners to friendly ears, we are here to help. 

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