We’re Chartered!

he Rotary E-Club of District 1070 is now a fully chartered club, as of 15 July 2015, within the world of Rotary.  Every member of the club has just acquired a friendship of 1.2 million like-minded people.  They will be able to go anywhere in the world where Rotary exists and be welcomed with open arms.  How many other people can say they have 1.2 million friends across the globe?

From an idea back in January, through getting six existing Rotarians together, gaining provisional status in March and using all our contacts to recruit new members to form a club of 21.  Just six and a half months.  We are a family.  Our membership comprises friends, fathers, mothers, brothers and in-laws.  We’ve got the lot – and we all get on.

We were chartered at Franks Hamburger House in Towcester with the District Governor, Geoff Blurton, District Governor elect, John Dehnel, and Assistant District Governor David Morris to present us with our charter.  It was a great informal meeting (one of our monthly face to face get togethers) that everyone enjoyed and which the “dignitaries” found quite different from a traditional club.

We wanted to have the charter as early as we could so we can begin recruiting again to grow the club still further.  After all there is no upper limit to the number of members we can have.  With more members we can take on larger projects with the workload spread across the many not the few.

A lot of effort has been made by many people to make this club formation a success.  Not only that we now have a club that is vibrant, diverse, enthusiastic and who are hungry to embark on projects to improve the lives of people in need, wherever they are in the world. 

Our first fundraising event is a comedy night at the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) at Silverstone on Friday 11 March 2016.  For more details contact iain@theborners.com.  Tickets will be available via our club website after the summer holidays.

On a personal note, this couldn’t have been done without the excitement, commitment and effort of everyone in the club and that is humbling. It has made me very proud to be the founding president with 21 founder members of the Rotary E-Club of district 1070.  I thank you all.

Steve Howe – President, E-club 1070.