Study explores the new world of microvolunteering | The Future of Work from Adi Gaskell

Here is an interesting concept that we may be able to take advantage of. Essentially the concept is to reach into your network and seek help to complete small tasks. These tasks, when looked at in aggregation come together to deliver a much bigger service / project. 

Platforms such as Mechanical Turk have made the notion of microtasking much more mainstream, with thousands of users willingly undertaking small tasks that collectively provide value to organizations.

A recent study from Carnegie Mellon explores how such microtasking can be used for social good, such as offering help to people with disabilities.

The research focused its attention on two recent trends in the field:

friendsourcing, which is when friends request small amounts of work from their network (usually performed online)
microvolunteering, which is similar to regular volunteering but on a microscale, so the recipient is usually a charity
The researchers proposed a combination of each approach, which they refer to as social microvolunteering. This supposes that a willing volunteer provides access to their social network to charities and causes they care about.

Is this a concept that we  in Rotary could be leveraging to good effect?