Why I want to be a Rotarian

I have always admired and felt pride that my husband is a long standing Rotarian and have come to know the organisation very well, however I could never envisage being able to meet the commitment to an entire evening every week as he has.  Now I have the opportunity to give something back under the wonderful umbrella that is Rotary with the possibility of an e-club. It’s a very exciting prospect that I am keen to pursue.

I love the idea of an e-club for several reasons:-

  1. It fits my busy lifestyle, I cannot commit to a regular weekly meeting – a meal and a speaker is too much to fit in every week. I can however fit in an e-meeting, so no matter where I am I can log-in – perfect.
  2. I hope this format will encourage younger members’ (with more energy) who will be willing to get involved and actively find projects that we can tackle together, to really “work” in our communities’
  3. I am very pleased that one of my daughters and her husband finds this prospect and format attractive also.  So our monthly meetings will really become family affairs, this by definition means that we will have to choose fun and different activities and venues, no longer the rather stayed format of a speaker and a meal (depending on venue its often substandard food) it’s very hard to keep coming up with excellent speakers ever week but this is the format rotary is often known for.

The future looks very bright to me and I cannot wait to get started.