Sherington School perform their Dance for Haiyan


On the last day before half-term the pupils of Sherington School performed their dance for Haiyan to family and friends. The school is helping us raise money for the Learn2Give project that is helping, amongst other projects, to rebuild Sagkahan School on the island of Layette in the Philippines. A little over a year ago the school  and most other buildings in the city of Tacloban were wiped out by the tidal surge and the 235mph winds of Typhoon Haiyan. 

Immediately after the storm, Rotary and other agencies were quickly on the scene to provide urgent and immediate assistance. Since then, the phase of rebuilding lives, livelihoods, homes and businesses has begun. We are doing our part with the Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray to help rebuild Sagkahan School.

Some of our members took part in a sponsored cycle ride, Bike2Give - 1,000Km in 6 days to raise money for the project and now, we are asking schools to learn a dance and perform it to family and friends to continue the fund raising challenge.

Sherington School chose to ask their pupils to get sponsored to perform the dance. They are a tiny village school with only 32 children on role. Their efforts raised an amazing £439.60. Well done Sherington School.

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