Our Club

We are first and foremost a Rotary Club. We are a group of fully engaged and fully committed Rotarians dedicated to the concept of Service Above Self. The difference between our club and most traditional Rotary Clubs is that we use technology to our advantage. 

Increased work commitments and the resultant pressure on family times means that nowadays, especially if you are younger, still working, or trying to bring up a young family, your time is precious. It doesn’t mean that you haven’t the got time or the inclination to get involved, help out and do good in the world. It means that you have got your priorities right. 

In our world, family comes first. The time that you can spare to devote to Rotary is precious and should be used wisely. We want your help where it is most needed, our Rotary projects. Our club meets online, using social media, Google Apps and state of the art video conferencing. The club is active 24x7x365. Members log in and contribute when time permits. All we ask is that, as a member, you personally commit to a minimum 12 hours of service per quarter. We do hold a short weekly video conference at 7:30pm on a Thursday evening that we encourage you to join for a minimum of 30 minutes and we all try to get together once a month either for a social activity or to work on a service project (yes, the children are invited too.) If you can make it, you are very welcome. If work or family life gets in the way, we understand. We want Rotary to work for you as well as you working for Rotary.

If you are a current or former Rotarian that is struggling with work or time pressures or simply wants to try a different type of Rotary or if you have never been a Rotarian and are interested in joining a young, vibrant, committed and service-oriented team please fill out the form below. We will be sure to respond as quickly as we can.

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